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Our Capabilites:

We use the latest technology in automated assembly equipment. With a mix of machine and hand assemblies we are able to produce, test and deliver high-quality products with minimal turnaround times.

KIB Electronics Through Hole PCB Insertion Machine
Our Axial & Radial Insertion Machines automatically picks and places electronic components at rates ranging from 21k - 25k parts per hour.
KIB Electronics Surface Mount PCB Insertion Machine
Surface Mount
Our SMT Lines begin by loading PCBs into the Automatic Screen Printer. Then Components are Picked, Placed and Inspected, and moved through the Reflow Oven. Then on to the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system to complete the process.
KIB Electronics PCB Wave Solder Machine
Wave Solder
For applications where Through-Hole parts are required, we have automated our soldering process by utilizing Wave Soldering technology.
KIB Electronics PCB Conformal Coating Machine
Conformal Coating
We understand that electronics need the ability to withstand harsh environments and added protection may be needed. Our Automated Conformal Coating process provides our products with the necessary protection.
KIB Electronics Tank Monitor Mini Probe Machine
Mini-Probe Assembly
This Custom made machine was designed exclusively for KIB to automate the Mini-Probe assembly process. Our Mini-Probe machine can produce up to 1800 probes per hour.
KIB Electronics Wire Cutting Stripping Termination Marking Processing Machine
Wire Cutting & Stripping
We have several machines that have helped us Automate our Raw Wire Processing. These machines are capable of Cutting, Stripping & Terminating wire all in one process.
KIB Electronics Wire Cutting Stripping Termination Marking Processing Machine
Wire Termination
Our fleet of Termination machines have helped us speed up our wire harness manufacturing process and given us the opportunity to enhance the quality and consistency of our products.
KIB Electronics Wire Cutting Stripping Termination Marking Processing Machine
Wire Marking
As an in-line feature to our wire processing, we are able to print labels directly on each wire to aid in the identification of circuits for complex harnessing.
KIB Electronics Plastic Engraving CNC Machine
CNC Engraving
When it comes to customizing your product, our CNC Machines will do the work. We are able to engrave your custom Text and Logos on our many types of plastic material.
KIB Electronics FDM Rapid Prototyping 3D Printer Machine
FDM Rapid Prototyping
FDM is the industry’s leading Additive Fabrication technology, and the only one that uses production grade thermoplastic materials to build the most durable parts direct from 3D data. Learn More